Creativity has always been an inherent quality of my spirit; creativity and intuition, a deep pulsing-desire to give birth to a better world, a warmer, healthier and fairer reality coexisting in harmony with the diversity of existing bodies, societies, and nature. It’s an impulse to transform, to generate solutions and beautify our daily life, far beyond the visual aspect, the aesthetics. A conscious and sustainable design approach. Making fashion design a holistic and empathic practice, respectful of life.

I believe in the view of clothing as a livable space in constant interaction with the body and the environment. It implies escaping from the fragmented view, that has imposed mass production, and designing from the interaction or coexistence between the body, the material, and the shape. It represents a new conception of dressing with the implementing values that promote a better quality of life for society as a whole.

In this sense, my goal is to enrich garment design through the incorporation of values, among which I highlight simplicity, versatility, love for freedom, and nature.

I am attracted to designers such as Mariano Fortuny, Madeleine Vionnet or Issey Miyake, whose contributions to the study of concepts such as movement and flexibility of garments interest me, either through the use of textiles or through their shapes. The concept of living materiality places textiles in a leading role, implying an understanding of the physical world in connection with the sensitive world.
As a designer, I seek greater awareness of the corporal, aiming for versatile, flexible garments that allow for greater freedom of the body. The fashion industry, with its massive and serial production, brings with it a problem that strongly affects collective health, in aspects that go beyond the difficulty of finding properly fitting clothing. Massification responds to a body stereotype that is in dissonance with the real diversity of bodies and identities.

In opposition to mass production and consumerism, my search focuses on the real needs of user and environment. The result are pieces that focus on well-being. Design becomes an instrument of diffusion, a means to promote health and appreciation of the nature of the body and our environment. I consider design as a powerful tool to impact people's daily lives, a path that determines the way we live.

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